HOTEL CLAD (Furniture)

New Build
Design Supervision, Naming, Branding, Interior Design, Furniture & Fixtures Design
Gotemba, Shizuoka
Tomooki Kengaku

A new hotel built within the Gotemba Premium Outlets.

Adopting the theme at the heart of the Outlets – ‘Genuine articles at a reasonable price’ – our design offers opportunities to enjoy authentic experiences.

Being involved in development from the outset also allowed us to try things that would not be possible at any other time.

1. The ultimate Local Production for Local Consumption

Trees felled during the leveling of ground were provided to local building materials producers, then purchased after being processed according to our design, ensuring they were both produced and used locally.

2. Original washi paper

Washi paper made with locally sourced soil that contains volcanic ash from Mt. Fuji.

3. Logo shape

Subtly promote the hotel by unobtrusively incorporating the logo shape into various places, including handles, shoji paper screen patterns, and lighting fixtures.

4. Designs based on Yosegi and Kumiko

Lighting and artwork designs based on traditional crafts from the local area.

5. Consideration for the future social well-being

Artworks created in collaboration with temil Co., Ltd., which supports the employment of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

We put special care into the design of furniture and fixtures that would be handled directly by guests.

1. Front counter

Front decorated with Kumiko latticework, in harmony with the building’s design.

2. Raw timber bench

Made using unprocessed logs from trees grown in the area.

3. Raw timber lighting

Locally harvested timber is cut into rings, through which light spills forth.

4. Restaurant counter

Different types of wood are assembled to create bold contrast in the style of Yosegi marquetry.

5. Using the logo in lighting

Original lighting fixture design that features the hotel logo.

6. Art panels in collaboration with temil

During a workshop visit, we found pieces in the process of being turned into shoehorns; with a little further work, they were turned into art panels.

The way in which the light plays on the contours also gives these panels a Yosegi-style appearance.

7. Original chair and table

Original chairs featuring a Mt. Fuji motif and tables made with timber from the thinning of native trees.

8. Washi with local soil

Washi paper made with soil from the area. Variations arising from the handcrafting process give the wall a unique aspect.

9. Handles featuring the logo motif

In frequent contact with human hands, the handles were crafted in the form of the hotel logo, expressed with a dabbed finish.

10. Original amenity tray

Amenity with bronze accents, crafted to neatly store the necessities.

11. Organizer

Given the use of open closets, hanging items were also crafted to be aesthetically pleasing. By gathering all the essentials in one place, this organizer makes getting ready easy.

12. Original lighting

Lighting fixtures that reproduce Yosegi marquetry patterns in three dimensions, expressing beautiful textures whether turned on or off.

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