Miffy Street Plan

Kamaishi, Iwate
Yoshiyasu Saijo

To celebrate the third anniversary of the opening of Miffy Cafe Kamaishi, the country’s only permanent Miffy cafe, this project involved the renaming of 1.6km adjoining prefectural road and the installation of signage to guide cafe visitors.

We created a storybook-shaped monument to show the route from JR Kamaishi Station to the cafe. To make the experience more fun for children, we adjusted the size to make the monument an ideal photo spot. Along the footpath from the station, we also embedded plate signs marking the distance to the cafe. Each one features a different design as a way to encourage tourists to explore the town.

At the same time, we also produced original Miffy Cafe pin badges, as part of initiatives to connect the cafe even more closely to the Kamaishi community.

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