Joy City

Commercial Facility
New Build
Branding, Interior Design, Furniture & Fixtures Design
Beijing, China
Ryo Takarada

A facility where children can experience various careers, located inside a vast shopping mall in the Chaoyang District of Beijing.

To provide job experiences as close as possible to the real world, our approach was dedicated to realism on both a macro and micro scale.

The city we created consisted of five zones linked by roads – Airport Area, New Urban Center, Old Town, Commercial Area, and the Armed Forces Area. Our design extended to creating individual pavilions based on the key concepts for each zone.

We also offered proposals on operational elements, such as incorporating a time element into the experience by varying the color of the LED-lit sky to reflect that one session symbolized one day. For the Airport Area, we cut off a section of an actual plane and created the interior, enabling children to have a go at being a pilot or CA amid the smells of a real aircraft.

As a uniquely-Chinese job experience, the Armed Forces Area features a hands-on submarine sonar, mine-detection in the desert, and sniper training in the mountains, all designed with the pursuit of true-to-life realism.

(Project completed while at UDS)

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