BASIC AND ACCENT Tokyu Plaza Ginza

Commercial Facility
Branding, Interior Design, Furniture & Fixtures Design
Tomooki Kengaku

This project involved designing the fixtures for a retail store within the Tokyu Plaza Ginza.

Working within the limitations of many existing internal features that could not be altered, our challenge was to use fixtures to make the space as attractive as possible.

We embraced the space’s unique characteristics by treating the surrounding internal features as an underlying topography. Adopting ‘floating display shelves’ as our theme, we envisioned a randomized arrangement of shelves that would make each product appear as though it were suspended in midair. With the floating shelves serving as a new backdrop, we were able to create the face of the store.

Also considering the flow of customers through the store (shopping scape), we varied shelf height and surface finishes to maintain interest throughout, as a way of enticing visitors to engage with the products.

(Designed in collaboration with Moo-Flat design )

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