Interior renovation project for a retail store in Jiyugaoka.

The area’s charm comes from the visual cohesion created by attractive storefronts overlooking spacious, tree-lined streets. We wanted to adopt a similar spatial configuration for this store, with ‘Shopping Scape’ as our design concept.

By positioning plants near the entrance and matching floor patterns with the exterior, we created a store that feels like a natural extension of strolling through the streets.

The large table visible at the front of the store, dubbed ‘the life stage’, was set up to display the full range of lifestyle products offered by BASIC AND ACCENT. Around the table, we arranged the available color variations and sizes for each product.

The window area facing the outside serves as an event space and seasonal display, transforming the shop’s facade each month and adding excitement to the Jiyugaoka shopping experience.

(Project completed while at UDS)

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