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Hanamaki, Iwate

The ryokan Yamanokami Onsen Yukaen is situated amid secluded hot springs on the outskirts of Hanamaki.

In renovating the existing building, which bears the hallmarks of carpenters who traditionally craft temples and shrines, we incorporated the natural environment that is the region’s most bountiful resource. To bring out the wonders created by pairing nature with the work of master craftsmen, we utilized the entrance hall’s coffered ceiling while removing the vision-obscuring rear wall; this afforded a view of the restaurant, where we installed a vast panorama window.

The dynamic coffered ceiling melds with the seasonal changes in scenery to create the continuity and openness of this breathtaking space. In the central lounge, we attempted to create a place where guests can rest while experiencing the region’s traditional crafts, including a massive cauldron made in collaboration with Nobuho Miya, a master forger of Nambu ironware at Kamasada. Around this centerpiece we installed Nanbu Sazamekumi Monyozaiku lighting crafted by Sanzo Nagayama of Nagayama Kougei.

We installed a new square open-air bath that uses water directly from the hot spring source, with an infinity edge nestled among existing greenery. With the colors of the surrounding scenery reflected on the water’s surface, this open-air hot spring seeks to offer a stronger connection to nature. Submerged tube lights within the bath create magical night views of shifting hues.

(Project completed while at UDS)

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